Day before Confirmation

Tomorrow is the D day for getting the confirmation for the results from my blood work hopefully. As the festive season gave us holidays the pathology might not be back until later this week, but fingers crossed they are back tomorrow so we can get our head around this and have a clear positive result.We are hoping that we are pregnant. Regardless of how fresh we are as a couple; it feels right. I wonder how people who handle it when we tell them the news. There is a few people who I know will most likely show a fake attitude of being happy for us but then have a gossip about us/me behind my back.

My monthly girly friend was due today but no sign of it yet. I keep thinking of the signs you see when you’re about to get your monthly but then they all can be symptoms for pregnancy as well – bloating, eating more… Today I thought I felt a bit of cramping in my stomach but it didn’t last very long and I’m not usually a person to get cramps until I’m into my monthly.

I developed a rash on my chest which when we looked it up on google it says its normal as it’s something to do with the hormonal changes. Might get it checked with the doctor tomorrow to see if it’s normal. Other symptoms I have that lead to us putting more of a ‘pregnant’ sign on me is the eating, the going back and to the toilet, feeling tired (over the work break I was snoozing in the middle of the day – which is abnormal for me), headaches, lack of breath at times, getting hot out of no where and sore tender breasts.
I’ve been feeling so lazy throughout this whole time I have been self diagnosed pregnant that I suggested to Daniel we start going for walks together every night as it’s one of the small exercise thing’s I could probably continue to keep up in pregnancy. Today Daniel and I went on our first walk. It felt good to be outside – having fresh air and getting the rays on me. After being so lethargic and tired within myself it was good to be able to do something good for my wellbeing.

Daniel read that on average it takes 4 to 5 months to get pregnant and 85% of couples take up to 1 year. I guess if we are pregnant we could be considered the lucky ones as we have had a pretty quick run. I guess Daniel was right in saying he believed his ‘swimmers were strong’ haha.  I didn’t believe it could happen this quick. After trying for what was around 4 years on and off – well not exactly trying but to not be protective of not getting pregnant in my past relationship to now what’s pointing to almost immediately would be astonishing. In the past I always thought there was something wrong with me, I booked myself into the docs to get checked out to ensure I was okay about 2-3 times but I never went… I was too scared to be told I couldn’t have kids.

Fingers Crossed everyone for us that we get the ‘pregnant’ confirm tomorrow.

How It Become..

Daniel and I stopped contraception towards the start of December – although being a fresh new couple this is what we both wanted. Daniel and I have always been very open and close with one another since day one. We feel like we are the true meaning of what soul mates are.

Daniel thought that by having a baby meant that you can just not use contraception and BAM! you have a baby inside you. We had a giggle together when I told him it wasn’t that easy.. but it seems that it was for us.
After we decided to try we seem to have all signs now pointing to being pregnant.

It all came about on Christmas Day 25.12.2012 when I was complaining about being hungry all the time and having Daniel (my partner) comment on how much I was ‘putting’ into prior to Christmas. It made him think more then me that it could be that we are pregnant.
I took a pregnancy test after Christmas lunch and it came up showing ‘not pregnant’. When I came back to the room I said ‘I’m not pregnant’ and we just carried on with what we were doing. Later when it was time for Christmas desserts; Daniel decided to take a quick look at the pregnancy test for himself. Daniel turned to me and said ‘Did you know you are pregnant?’ As I had seen it show as ‘not pregnant’ I told him he was just pulling me on and was lying. Daniel handed me the test and it was true a faint second line had appeared.
We both looked at each other and were in shock. What a Christmas gift this was to us both!
I told Daniel not to get too excited as we need to re-test. Daniel was over the moon and most excited but I contained myself from too much excitement to ensure I didn’t get my hopes up.
Daniel & I talked over all the symptoms that I had been getting that would point to me being pregnant:
– The frequent bathroom use. – The feeling of being hungry and wanting good food rather then my bad eating which had been the normal of the past few months 😦 – The headaches. – Feeling sick in the stomach.

I re-tested again on day after boxing day 27.12.2012. This time the 2 lines appeared almost immediately.
I woke Daniel from his sleep to show him which he said ‘I told you’.
Daniel & I read up on all these pregnancy articles and tried to fill our brains and sponge as much DO’s & DO NOT’s in pregnancy as well as ensure we had all the knowledge of what was growing inside me and how best to look after our little ‘Poppy’ from Christmas day but it wasn’t until we were reconfirmed with another positive pregnancy test that we read up more and absorbed it in properly.

‘Poppy’ came from what Daniel would always compare the size of what would be in my tummy now. First it was a grain of rice when we found out on Christmas Day. Daniel then said when we re-tested on the 27th that it was the size of a poppy seed now.

Yesterday – Saturday 29th of December, Daniel & I visited the doctor for the first time.
The doctor asked what he could help me with, I replied with ‘I’ve taken 2 pregnancy tests and they’ve both come back positive so I just want to get my bloods taken to confirm it all’. Next question the doc asks is: ‘Are you happy or not happy?’. ‘Happy’ Daniel & I replied.
The doctor wrote us up a referral to the pathology to get all the blood work done; unfortunately they had already closed for the day so we have to revisit them tomorrow (Monday, 31st December).
As blood work takes awhile we rescheduled another docs appointment for Thursday (6th January, 2013) to get the blood work results. Fingers are crossed it comes back positive.

Daniel & I put all our new knowledge into place since Christmas Day; cutting the alcohol, limiting the spicy food (Which I am a bigger LOVER for hot spicy food so it will gradually need to be cut out), having lots of vegetables and ensuring all fresh produce of fruit & veg are washed thoroughly, not eating left over meat, not having soft cheeses (another one of my favorites – feta) and many more practices that our research had advised us.
My head was filled with so many DO’s & DO NOT’s that I’m not sure if they’re all true or not. I wish I had someone who has had a baby or is going through pregnancy also to tell me what they think is right and what they are putting into practice.

Daniel & I have decided not to tell anyone until we get the blood work back to make sure that we are 100% confirmed, once that has been confirmed then it will be most likely the immediate close family to know.
I can not wait to tell my Mum – she has been longing for a grandchild of her own for ages!! With my Mum having had 6 kids of her own and caring for many more in her time she is someone who will be 1 of my back bone’s through this pregnancy. She’ll be my ‘google confirmed’ who can tell me all about everything I have questions for.
Let’s just hope she can keep a secret for awhile, as I know it will be killing her to want to publicly air that she will be a grandma.
If the bloods result as pregnant on Thursday then it’s our trip down to Gisborne this weekend coming that will be the time we will tell my Mum I think… I’ve been googling creative ways to tell someone you’re pregnant as I want to make it special not only for her, my Dad and younger siblings but for Daniel & I being the first people we have told. If only we could keep our mouths sealed until we got a scan to put into a Grandma photo frame – but that gives me an idea – A photo of the ‘Pregnant’ pregnancy tests in a Grandma frame will do!